fredag 1 april 2011

Scrapping and waiting..

37 full weeks today..
I have to admit that i am wee bit tired of being pregnant at this point...
The belly is huge and i just want to hold my little sweet pea in my arms and be able to have a waist again ;)
The days go by slowly and i know I'm a bad blogger these days but the energy i have left is saved for some scrapping. 
I'm still waiting to get into the nesting face of the pregnancy, i know some women who gets "cleaning crazy" at this point... I still think cleaning and vacuuming is well yes pretty boring, so i was kind of looking forward to going crazy with cleaning and all.. but nope didn't happen last time and it don't seems to appear this time around either. 
But i think I'm nesting in another sort of way,i have been obsessed with filling the freezer with food, making all sorts of casseroles so that the rest of the family don't have to starve once sweet pea makes his or hers entrance in our life's and the chef (read me) don't have time for making gourmet dinners every day ;)
Went to the midwife today for a regular check up, everything was fine with booth me and the little pea, she said with a smile that at this point the baby can come any time, then she asked me in which week little miss thing was born, and i went two weeks past my due date with her. So then she reminded me that i might have 5 whole weeks left this time to... 5 weeks feels like forever right now.

I have a layout to share to felt like scrapping with bright happy colors, lots of yellow and pink mixed with turquoise ( i know the paper looks more blue on this pic but irl it is much brighter)
Little miss thing told us what her plans was for the future.. So cute!!

"When i grow up i want to be a professional horse rider, a princess and maybe veterinarian also..."
But i never want to move away from you and dad i always want to live with you"

Not so sure she will feel the same about the moving out part in a couple of years, but it will be nice to show her when she is a teen and complaining about living at home what she promised when she was 5 ;)
Have nice weekend everyone!!

12 kommentarer:

  1. Å så superdupersöt layout...! Underbart fin!

    Och jag håller tummarna för att du slipper vänta 5 veckor till! Stor kram!

  2. gorgeous LO and hope the time passes quickly for you!!
    Lou xx

  3. beautiful layout and beautiful...dreams :)

  4. OOOhhh so glad you have updated, I keep checking back here, wondering how you are going. I sympathize with you on being "over being pregnant" and lets hope you do not go over your due date! Gorgeous LO and big HUGS to you!

  5. Hehe you may be tired of waiting now, but you're probably gonna miss this special time in a bit :) I know I did at times with both mine haha :) Best of luck and love that layout :)

  6. amazing layout!!! Hugs from Ukraine.

  7. oh a stunning layout.. and i think all 4 of my kids have said that to me too when they were little.. dont worry.. 2 have moved out and are very independant.. but it was cute at the time.. all the best with your new arrival.. i pray all goes well and you will hold your precious little one very soon..xx

  8. I remember the days in the last weeks and how it just seems to drag on and on forever! Hang in there-not long now!
    Beautiful layout!

  9. you're in my thoughts, malin!! hang in there!!
    your layout is sweet as candy!!
    hugs from the danish border!!

  10. Enjoy the somewhat quiet time you have now. I know you will feel so much relief, though, when the baby finally arrives! Love the layout!

  11. hang in there sweetheart... she will be here before you know it. i love you.. take care okay? and please post photos as soon as you can when the sweetpea is already here. *hugs*