onsdag 13 april 2011


Oh the days are going by slowly... Luckily spring has sprung so i have the chance to get outside and enjoy the sun and all the beautiful spring flowers, not today though today its grey and windy so I'm in editing some recent pics, browsing the web just making time go.

At almost week 39:
*Sweet pea has a bit smaller space to move around in but gives some good kicks on my ribs from time to time
* I drink gallons of apple juice everyday, I'm thirsty all the time
* Running to the bathroom every fifth minute or so because it always feel like i have to go ( and yes drinking allot do have that effect as well) 
*I'm caring the belly so much lower then before and i feel allot of pressure and heaviness, seeing this as signs on that it hopefully soon will be time to meet the precious little one
* The hubby and I FINALLY agreed on a name that we booth love, one if it is a boy and one if it is girl (what do you think it is?)
* Having pelvic pains de luxe, don't know how to sit, lay or walk some days
*Preparing my self for turning 32 next week, how did that happen i always think I'm still 25... ;)
*Have a appointment at the midwife on Friday..
Here is a recent pic of me, ohh i look just as tired as i feel

And i have little card to share as well, I'm not a card maker, its to small of a space to work with for me ;) but sometimes its fun to do something you don't normally do, but some flowers and of course a butterfly found its way on there.

Have a great week everyone

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  1. wow.. not long to go now.. all the best with your new arrival.. am trusting it all goes really well... take care..xx

  2. Beautiful card, my friend :).
    Mayby you look tired but still very pretty!

  3. aw. so precious!!! great photo.

    and that card is gorgeous!

  4. love the pic~you look so ready!! the card is beautiful!!!

  5. Aaaah, ljuvlig bebismage! Snart, Malin, har ni ert lilla mirakel hos er! Så glad för er skull. sköt om dig den sista tiden nu och vila mycket; är du hemma på ledighet/havande skapspenning?

  6. Nice picture!!
    Hope all goes well, wish you and little sweat pea a great and wounderfull birth!
    Kind regards,
    Corina ( the Nethetlands)

  7. Hei vennen!!! <3 <3 <3
    Savner deg så masse, så nå va det herlig å gå inn i bloggen din å se de fine bildene av deg her! Wow magen din er jo poppeklar nå vennen! Og du ser så vakker ut med den! *hedliggris!* :D Jeg er så glad med deg og gleder meg som en unge til ditt barn kommer ut. Håper du har det ok, og at det skjer noe snart og at alt vil gå veldig bra.

    Og kortet ditt er LEKKERT som alltid! Wow! :D Eslker å se på dine kreasjoner! Det er alltid noe særegent, måten du setter ting sammen på, fager, oppsett osv.. bare Malin kan få til dette! <3

    Og, hmm... som sakt.. før var jeg sikker på jente, men senere tid trodd gutt! Uansett, masse lykke til vennen, og håper på en liten chat en dag igjen snart ;O) Jeg er hjemme syk nå, om du er på i morgen for.eks? ;O)

    KLEM KLEM!!! <3<3<3

  8. Well, I think you look adorable! Enjoy this time and super cute card.

  9. You are gorgeous!! I LOVE the photo of you and you don't look a day over 25!! I think anyone who has endured those last few weeks of pregnancy can understand your desire to see the little sweet pea! I keep checking back here, hoping there is baby news!! Maybe bubby will arrive on your 32nd birthday! Now that would be a present to remember.

  10. hey sweetie, you do look gorgeous ...... but maybe 26 !!!!!!!

    wow, wish i looked that good when i was pregnant....

    im so excited not long now... i can't wait to see the little one make his or her appearance .... he he he .... nearly over sweets.
    i hate that last month - ick ...... take a deep breath !!!!

    Will keep checking back to see how everything is going & any exciting bubba news xo

  11. Oh how exciting!!! And you look beautiful. I can't wait to hear the news.

    That card is so lovely!

  12. Vad fin du är med magen! :)
    Supergulligt kort!!!
    Skönt att det närmar sig... Lycka till med förlossning!

  13. I think you look wonderful. The card is beautiful!

  14. you're looking great, my friend!!
    like 25!! believe me!! ;)
    hang in there.
    hugs & kisses

  15. You are getting close! Super cute picture and a great card! Love it! Good luck with everything!

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