söndag 17 april 2011

I have an amazing friend

I have a friend who i am pretty sure everyone knows who it is, because she is one of a kind crafter and truly has a style of her own that i know so many (including my self =) ) admires, she has a unique way with colors and getting so many special little details on her layouts and everything she creates is pure magic!
I am so happy that she finally is on her way to release some products of her own =) And of course I'm talking about the fantastic Miss Ingvild Bolme!
She has made her own scrappy tools (available soon i think) and i know she had a little something something to do with these amazing Corine flowers for Prima..
She was sweet enough to send my a box the other day with some gifts for the sweet pea and for little miss thing and some flowers for me to play with, her box made me so happy and I'm so happy to have her as a close friend! (She really is the sweetest and funniest, she always makes me laugh when we talk) You are amazing sweetie!!
Isn't it funny with some products once you see them you know you have to have them, wanting to use them on every thing you create, but at the same time you don't want to use all of them because you want to keep them forever.. Or is it only me who gets this obsessed with scrappy stuff *lol*
Well anyway that is exactly how i feel about these flowers !
So here is a layout i created with them and some other Prima faves

I love this pic of little miss thing it just makes me fall in love with her all over again, i am so proud of this little girl and i want her to know that no matter what i will always believe in her, and will always be here for her whatever she decides to do in her life i want her to know that she is strong and whatever she wants she should never doubt her own ability to get there..
the love for your kids is really the strongest there is nothing i wouldn't do for them, love booth of them so much (even though i just have met one of them yet ;)
Hugs Malin

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  1. Sweet story /2 of them!/, one beautiful layout! I was missing you :)

  2. What a beautiful LO Malin! I am also a big fan of Ingvild's she does some amazing work!

  3. oh a very beautiful layout.. and yes i love Ingvilds creations.. she has a pure scrapping gift! xx

  4. The layout is amazing and what sweet thing your "sweet" friend did for you~

  5. beautiful lo and how sweeeeet.

  6. Wow! This lo is so amazing! I love the soft colors with that black and white picture. So elegant. Come visit me at ksimonedesigns.blogspot.com

  7. Gorgeous layout! Your layouts are always beautiful! I always love Ingvild's work. It is always exciting to get an unexpected gift in the mail. I know what you mean by not wanting to use the beautiful scrapbooking products--I tend to save them but for what I don't know!

  8. Your layout is beautiful!! Love thoughtful friends!

  9. Glad Påsk, fina Malin! Ta hand om dig och magen <3

  10. Tänkte bara tipsa om att just nu pågår flera tävlingar med fina priser på min blogg så passa på att gå in och kolla:)
    Du hittar tävlingarna högst upp i vänsterspalten:)
    Finns även en dagens bloggtävling där du har chansen att bli länkad inför mina 400-600 unika besökare dagen:)

  11. u are such an inspiration, Mahlin =) Sweet girl, u look so good at near gestation !

  12. I adore this LO of yours. Happy birthday for yesterday!! You mentioned it was your birthday this week but I didn't know when but I went searching today, only to find out I was one day too late!!!! Hope you had a lovely day and that little sweet pea is born soon!!

  13. Hi sweetie! I am so sorry, but I didn't see this post before now :S Thank you for everything Malin, ecpecially for being such a sweet and wonderful close friend!
    Hope everything is ok with you, and hope you will pop a baby soon!! ;O) I am so, so excited, can't wait to see pics!!!
    And.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work as always!!! EVERYTHING you do is just amazing sweetie! THANK YOU for doing such a wonderful work and using my flowers on it; makes me so proud and honored!

    Take care!
    <3 <3 <3

  14. What a gorgeous page!!!!!!! Yes, I {heart} Ingvild and her work too! :) And I also agree with you -- there is no love stronger than the love we have for our kids.