torsdag 30 december 2010

10 Favorites from 2010 and a Winner

Hope everyone has had a great x mas and looking forward to a new year!
I have just rolled 30 chocolate truffles for tomorrows dinner and I'm taking a brake, thought i would share the winner of the give away and share some of my favorite projects from 2010.

I asked the hubby to name a number between 1-9 and he said 1 and that was Marie/Mison!
Marie i will mail you soon i have a box with your name on it i just need your address =)
So now i have to get back to my new years preparations I'm a bit behind since i have had migraine since yesterday..
Anyway here is my 10 of 2010 and my best New Year wishes to you all! Looking forward to a happy scrappy 2011!

torsdag 23 december 2010

Merry Christmas give away

Wishing all of you a very merry and cheer full Christmas!
We are going away for a few days to spend time with family and loved ones, see you when i get back.

And since this is My favorite time of year i wanted to give a little something back to you, your comments in here always puts a smile on my face!
So i decided to do a little Christmas Give away here, just make a comment about what is your favorite part of Christmas before December 29:Th and i will announce the winner the next day!! I promise it will be a big box with my favorite flowers papers and more!

Have a great Christmas and remember to tell the ones you hold dear in your life what they mean to you, I´m so thankful for my family and friends and for this hobby that has given me so many friends all over the world,
Lots of love

onsdag 15 december 2010

Week 22

Yikeeeeeeeeeees the days just flies by here, cant believe that Christmas is just around the corner, i have some serious Christmas shopping to do still!!
And can you believe it I'm 22 weeks pregnant.. I KNOW! Time flies.
As much as possible i am  trying to put my worriness aside and just enjoying the ride.. 
So i just thought i would pop in and share a little update about pregnant life at week 22..
Here is what i have discovered so far

*Sweet pea is a bit calmer then what his or hers sister was but still throughs in a few punches here and there that makes me almost loose my breath

*Sweet pea thinks just like big sis that the best time for these punches is at night when mommy tries to sleep

* Sweet pea takes up a larger living space then what big sis did.. 
My belly is HUGE i think i am as big as i was with miss thing in week 30..

* Indian cuisine is a BIG no no ( i love spicy food normally) just the smell of curry makes me feel sick

* Popcorn together with peanut butter morsel's is such a great combo

* The smell of raw meet makes my mouth water

* I am thirsty all the time and i have cravings for apple juice in the middle of the night

* The tiredness ohh my the tiredness i feel like i am almost never really awake..

* Contractions when I'm stressed out gives me the big scare about 5 times a day, need to slow down!!

* Little miss thing will be an amazing big sister, today she shared the best idea ever..
" Mom the baby can sleep in my room, we can move away my big bed and put in a bunk bed instead and the baby sleeps down stairs and when it cries at night i can go up and feed it with peanut butter..."

As far for my scrappy happy life i have done some creating just don't have something to show quite just yet I'm working on a layout right now, so here is just a little peek so you don't think i have given up on scrapping ;)
I will try to get it finished soon so i have something scrappy to show here!

tisdag 7 december 2010

Winter is here

Not much time for blogging or scrapping when the snow starts falling ;)

I LOVE this time of year especially when the snow comes, we are out playing going on sleigh rides
drinking hot cocoa and getting are noses red!
And i as a true mamarazi ;) of course takes tons of pics!
How is the weather in your part of the world?
Hope you are enjoying your self's as much as we do

torsdag 2 december 2010

Jingle bells, let it snow and all kinds of music

Christmas music is playing all day long here, the hubby might go insane before Christmas actually arrives he says..
Well i don't know if Judy Garland or Bing Crosby has made anyone go made before so i think he will be just fine!
I LOVE old chrstimas songs, "have your self a merry little Christmas", "let it snow" "one night divine" and the list goes on, what kind of Christmas songs are your favorites?
The Christmas cards are now done *Yeiiihhh me* i usually sit frenetic creating them in the very last minute, but not this year!!
I think i have used about 5 meters of ribbon, a ton of pattern paper, a whole bottle of scrappy glue and my thumb is sore after punching out all those snowflakes! But now all of them are done and now i just have to take this years Christmas pic that will be inside the cards.. I have a few ideas i just have to get the hubby to understand how i want the pics to turn out..We have a loooong photographing weekend ahead of us *lol*
Some of you might have noticed the cards on the collage in my post below, but here is a bigger pic.
That's it for now, right now i will relax to el divos Ave Maria and a cup of Swedish "Glögg" (don't know how to translate that but i tell you its sweet and tastes deliciously and for me its the non alcoholic one ;)

onsdag 1 december 2010

Its the most wonderfull time of year...

Christmas is fast approaching, i have totally got caught in tinsel, papers, glue, ribbons, and enjoying myself tremendously!!
I love this time of year, i love taking out my favorite decorations from the boxes i stoved them away in last year, i love listening to Christmas music it always puts me in such a good mood, so the last two weeks just flew by here meanwhile i was card making,christmasdecorating,started working again after being home for a month, decorating baking, having friends over, taking care of a sick child and a whole bunch of other stuff.
isn't this the most wonderful time of year?!
Just a quick post today with a collage with a few small pics from my decorated home, and a Christmas layout.
The layout is a bit different from my others.. there is NO flowers on there what so ever, it took me forever to create it it felt so naked without anykind of flower embellishes ;) But its nice to step outside your comfort zone sometimes!
And yes i found the right Christmas papers thank you so much for your great tips, i fell for these papers , i love the combination of white red pink and turquoise!
Hope all of you are enjoying pree Christmas time as much as i do!
Hugs Malin