tisdag 5 april 2011

Girly Girly Girly..

Bought new shoes for little miss thing the other day.. 
We do live in a pink bubblegum sort of world, but sometimes her mother thinks that other colors are pretty to..
And bought her a pair of red shoes and to sell the red shoes i bought a red dress to, sort of as a bribe ;)
The dress was approved by her but the shoes was apparently looking to boyish.. 
So we had to " Girly them up" a bit.
I found these cute embroidered  roses from Panduro´s Tilde series 
And with some fabric glue and changing the shoelaces with these ribbons (also from Panduro) ,

the end result looked like this and little miss thing was very happy..

Little miss thing working it ;)

It was so easy and so fun and it changed the look of the shoe so much, thinking about doing something similar to my own shoes..
Will see what i come up with!
Have a great week
Hugs Malin

9 kommentarer:

  1. cute!
    little miss looks like she is happy with the do-over
    thanks for sharing the creative inspiration

  2. Great shoes - they look fab and the main thing that your DD is happy with them :)

  3. What a cute idea! They turned out perfectly adorable - i think I might need to make some! :o)

  4. Jodå, rosa här också. Kan tänka mig att min lilla böna också skulle vilja pimpa sina skor på samma vis.

  5. How sweet--wonderful photos!

  6. How adorable is she!!! Love what you did with the shoes!! And I am watching that baby count down thing on the sidebar!!!! So so so close!!

  7. oh she is so sweeeeeeeeeeet!