torsdag 28 april 2011

24/4 2011 08:50

I have a little prince...
He has us all totally infatuated with him, he is such a joy and i am so in love.
 We are home enjoying getting to know each other, living in a bubble of our own with days filled with cuddles, love, tears, breastfeeding, not enough night sleep, the apartment looking like a big mess, and just total bliss.
I have a beautiful little girl, a supporting and loving hubby that i cherish for the world and i have a beautiful baby boy.
What more can i ask for, i feel so blessed.

Here he is our little bundle of joy.

onsdag 20 april 2011

1 day to go.. Maybe..

1 day left.. Maybe more who knows I'm so ready, that's all I'm going to say cause that's how it is... I'm am ready SO ready.
Survived the 32 year birthday yesterday ;) The hubby and little miss thing woke me up with breakfast on bed, and a beautiful bouquet of pink roses, i love pink roses( they almost look like you could eat them in its pink chubby glory)
here is a little pic (that i have played with in picnic) of one of the roses, they are so pretty!

 Little miss thing gave me a story that she had written her self with drawings, it was a adorable story about her and me out in the woods, those are the best gifts the ones that just melts your heart. It was so cute.
The hubby bought me this dress that i have had my eyes on for a while, i adore it. It is from Kapahls vintage story collection that is inspired from the turn of the 19:th century. (Picture borrowed from, you can see the whole collection here

The rest of the day we spent together in the sun just taking it easy and then we went out for dinner and ice cream, i had a great day and now i just have to get uses to the fact that I'm 32...

Easter is coming so i made this little Easter gift for little miss thing to give her grandma

I bought these cute pink flower pots at Ikea and realized that they would be great to alter with some prima flowers, and bling.
I added some natural fibers for the birds nest, i sprayed it with Key Lime glimmer mist and then just added a bird and some candy eggs.
It was so easy and fast to make, think i will do two more!
Hope you all have a happy easter!
Hugs Malin
 Hold your thoumbs that i will have a little sweet pea in my armbs tomorrow!!

söndag 17 april 2011

I have an amazing friend

I have a friend who i am pretty sure everyone knows who it is, because she is one of a kind crafter and truly has a style of her own that i know so many (including my self =) ) admires, she has a unique way with colors and getting so many special little details on her layouts and everything she creates is pure magic!
I am so happy that she finally is on her way to release some products of her own =) And of course I'm talking about the fantastic Miss Ingvild Bolme!
She has made her own scrappy tools (available soon i think) and i know she had a little something something to do with these amazing Corine flowers for Prima..
She was sweet enough to send my a box the other day with some gifts for the sweet pea and for little miss thing and some flowers for me to play with, her box made me so happy and I'm so happy to have her as a close friend! (She really is the sweetest and funniest, she always makes me laugh when we talk) You are amazing sweetie!!
Isn't it funny with some products once you see them you know you have to have them, wanting to use them on every thing you create, but at the same time you don't want to use all of them because you want to keep them forever.. Or is it only me who gets this obsessed with scrappy stuff *lol*
Well anyway that is exactly how i feel about these flowers !
So here is a layout i created with them and some other Prima faves

I love this pic of little miss thing it just makes me fall in love with her all over again, i am so proud of this little girl and i want her to know that no matter what i will always believe in her, and will always be here for her whatever she decides to do in her life i want her to know that she is strong and whatever she wants she should never doubt her own ability to get there..
the love for your kids is really the strongest there is nothing i wouldn't do for them, love booth of them so much (even though i just have met one of them yet ;)
Hugs Malin

onsdag 13 april 2011


Oh the days are going by slowly... Luckily spring has sprung so i have the chance to get outside and enjoy the sun and all the beautiful spring flowers, not today though today its grey and windy so I'm in editing some recent pics, browsing the web just making time go.

At almost week 39:
*Sweet pea has a bit smaller space to move around in but gives some good kicks on my ribs from time to time
* I drink gallons of apple juice everyday, I'm thirsty all the time
* Running to the bathroom every fifth minute or so because it always feel like i have to go ( and yes drinking allot do have that effect as well) 
*I'm caring the belly so much lower then before and i feel allot of pressure and heaviness, seeing this as signs on that it hopefully soon will be time to meet the precious little one
* The hubby and I FINALLY agreed on a name that we booth love, one if it is a boy and one if it is girl (what do you think it is?)
* Having pelvic pains de luxe, don't know how to sit, lay or walk some days
*Preparing my self for turning 32 next week, how did that happen i always think I'm still 25... ;)
*Have a appointment at the midwife on Friday..
Here is a recent pic of me, ohh i look just as tired as i feel

And i have little card to share as well, I'm not a card maker, its to small of a space to work with for me ;) but sometimes its fun to do something you don't normally do, but some flowers and of course a butterfly found its way on there.

Have a great week everyone

tisdag 5 april 2011

Girly Girly Girly..

Bought new shoes for little miss thing the other day.. 
We do live in a pink bubblegum sort of world, but sometimes her mother thinks that other colors are pretty to..
And bought her a pair of red shoes and to sell the red shoes i bought a red dress to, sort of as a bribe ;)
The dress was approved by her but the shoes was apparently looking to boyish.. 
So we had to " Girly them up" a bit.
I found these cute embroidered  roses from Panduro´s Tilde series 
And with some fabric glue and changing the shoelaces with these ribbons (also from Panduro) ,

the end result looked like this and little miss thing was very happy..

Little miss thing working it ;)

It was so easy and so fun and it changed the look of the shoe so much, thinking about doing something similar to my own shoes..
Will see what i come up with!
Have a great week
Hugs Malin

fredag 1 april 2011

Scrapping and waiting..

37 full weeks today..
I have to admit that i am wee bit tired of being pregnant at this point...
The belly is huge and i just want to hold my little sweet pea in my arms and be able to have a waist again ;)
The days go by slowly and i know I'm a bad blogger these days but the energy i have left is saved for some scrapping. 
I'm still waiting to get into the nesting face of the pregnancy, i know some women who gets "cleaning crazy" at this point... I still think cleaning and vacuuming is well yes pretty boring, so i was kind of looking forward to going crazy with cleaning and all.. but nope didn't happen last time and it don't seems to appear this time around either. 
But i think I'm nesting in another sort of way,i have been obsessed with filling the freezer with food, making all sorts of casseroles so that the rest of the family don't have to starve once sweet pea makes his or hers entrance in our life's and the chef (read me) don't have time for making gourmet dinners every day ;)
Went to the midwife today for a regular check up, everything was fine with booth me and the little pea, she said with a smile that at this point the baby can come any time, then she asked me in which week little miss thing was born, and i went two weeks past my due date with her. So then she reminded me that i might have 5 whole weeks left this time to... 5 weeks feels like forever right now.

I have a layout to share to felt like scrapping with bright happy colors, lots of yellow and pink mixed with turquoise ( i know the paper looks more blue on this pic but irl it is much brighter)
Little miss thing told us what her plans was for the future.. So cute!!

"When i grow up i want to be a professional horse rider, a princess and maybe veterinarian also..."
But i never want to move away from you and dad i always want to live with you"

Not so sure she will feel the same about the moving out part in a couple of years, but it will be nice to show her when she is a teen and complaining about living at home what she promised when she was 5 ;)
Have nice weekend everyone!!