lördag 12 mars 2011

She said..

Ohhh don't you love all those little clever things that they say at the lovely age of 5 and a half.?
They do leave you speechless sometimes don't they?!
This story i felt right away that i had to scrap it.
Little miss thing took a long good look at my face one morning and when i asked her what she was doing she answered -" Just looking if you´r like grandma"
-"Like grandma? "
-" Yes, she has wrinkles lots of them, you do now that they are coming when you are getting old mom?!"...

What do you answer to stuff like that?!!! *LOL*
And just what i needed to hear right now as well, that I'm getting old ;)
But it did make me laugh, so i created a layout with the story so she can remember this one day, when she has kids of her own, who will think that 32 (almost just a month of 31 left ;) ) is a high age..
Hope you have had a good laugh this weekend, lots of hugs

15 kommentarer:

  1. stunning work~yes I do love all the things kids say. I try to incorporate as much as I can into my LO's!!

  2. Bwahahaha!! :D
    Glad you're one of those moms taking such sayings the goodspirited way :) Kids say the darnest and most adorable things, don't they? :)

  3. Jo, dom är härliga de små liven. Visst är det tur att vi är scrappare så vi har förmågan och mediet för att bevara sådana minnen! Underbar layout Malin!!

  4. Vilken härlig händelse att scrappa! Barn är för härliga! :)

    Din layout är så fin! Älskar ditt sätt att kombinera färger och material, det blir så fräscht och väldigt mycket du tycker jag. Och de där stora Prima blommorna saknar jag väldigt mycket, så snyggt att ha dem som en bas så som du har.

  5. A beautiful LO and a great memory, it will be great for her to look back on when she has kids too :D. I love how you have used the big flower and the colours are great.

  6. ahhh, life stories!! sooo cute and a great memory for her!! love how you scrapped this!!

  7. What a beautiful,beautiful layout Malin. The photos are just wonderful!

  8. This layout is gorgeous! And what a cute story!

  9. Oh, what an adorable story! The layout is beautiful!

  10. Hi there sweet and beautiful Malin!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words :) I love your beautiful creations and I love stopping by and checking out your blog :)

  11. I totally loved this LO when I saw it on SB.com and that little saying is adorable.

  12. What a beautiful layout! I love all of the details!

  13. hey sweetie, what a beautiful layout, i expect to be wowed when i see your stuff, and this is no exception.... how cute is that saying ... out of the mouths of babes hey .... luv ya. Give little bean a hug for me.

  14. ÅÅÅååååååhh men jeg elsker alt du lager vennen! Er bare SÅ vakkert!!! Du rocker fargesammensetninger og nydelige oppsett!

    KLEM <3