måndag 17 januari 2011


I remember seeing so many layouts last year from scrappers who chose their word for the year sort of like a mantra i guess, i found it very inspiring  but i never came around to what word i wanted..
Well this year i have not seen so many "My word layouts" but i thought about it and decided i needed a good word so what could be better then "Happiness"?! With a little new one on the way and all the the new adventures that brings i decided that put my worries about everything to nothing aside and to meet life with a new attitude, to embrace the challenges that is given me and to try to see the best in everyone and everything so Happiness it is!
Not so much journaling on this one but at least i did a tiny bit of handwriting ;)
Just before i created this one i just read a email from dear sweet Steph, I remember first seeing Steph´s work on SIS and i was blown away with her designs and use of colors. Through SIS, Two peas and Scrapbook.com i got to know her a bit she is as sweet as she is talented! Through Steph i also  found the sweet talented Janine´s  work, and then later on me and Janine ended up on the Prima team together and these two Aussie ladies are the sweetest and most talented ladies i know. 
Steph always has the most amazing color combos on her layouts and always make everything POP out of her page, so when i started creating this page i tried to channel my inner Steph Devlin,thank you for the inspiration sweets!
Now I'm  going to sit down in the sofa together with little miss thing who has got my fever and cold, typical once i get better she gets sick. So the day will be spent in our PJs not doing anything proper! Maybe some ice cream eating to
(I see that it looks a bit crocked here, its not like thet IRL)

fredag 14 januari 2011

Christmas Kisses

I always take a bunch of pics over Christmas and i always have the best intention when i think that I'm going to scrap all of them... So i decided that at least a few more pics from 2010 X.mas will be scrapped the next couple of days. I even did some handwriting on this one as well, the journaling journey continues.
I love papers that you can cut out details from and mix them together to make it your own, on this one lots of Websters papers got butchered ;) Its something so calming almost like meditation when you sit there with the siccors in your hand cutting out details.. I don't mind that it is a bit time consuming I'm just enjoying it, which is your favorite technique at the moment? 
The story about this pic is a bit fun and i hope little miss thing will laugh about it when she is older to..
What may look all cuddly and cute on the pic was not so easy to achieve irl..
My Christmas cards where all ready and we just had to take the pic that was going to be in them, the weather had been so grey the last couple of days so it had been impossible to take pics inside.
Well i couldn't wait any longer, the cards needed to get in the mailbox so one day after a Christmas celebration at little miss things pree school i decided that it ok we have Christmas outfits on so lets go!!
If you have kids you know how collaborating they can be after a long day at pree school followed by a party...
I had an idea that it would look so cute if we could get it on a pic when she kisses the belly, she usually do this every time she says good bye or good night..
The hubby who also was a bit tired got the camera around his neck not knowing really on how to work the camera which resulted in a stressed out and annoyed pregnant me.. This of course reflected on little miss thing as well who just stood there with here arms crossed over her chest saying nooooooooooooooooooo pics!!!! I'm tired..
Meanwhile i tried explaining some settings on the camera for the hubby, little miss thing hid under the table.
It ended up with me bribing the poor girl with some cookies and some hot chocolate.. For ONE kiss.
It was the fastest kiss ever i tell you! And at the end i didn't care if it was a good pic, just that there actually was A pic... 
So here it is the reluctant Christmas kiss
Wishing you all a great weekend

söndag 9 januari 2011

A Happy Scrappy start of the new year

*LOL* i have been more creative this past week then what i have been in months,, so i say that that is a happy scrappy start of 2011, and I'm planning some scrapping today as well since the weather has gone from gorgeous snow covered to water drenched grey mess... 
And as a new year resolution i decided that i will try to focus a bit more on journaling in my layouts, and actually try to use my own handwriting on them.. Its scary i always feel like I'm ruining the whole layout when i start writing...
But a new years resolution is a new years resolution and i have decided to stick with it.. It was either that or try to eat less chocolate... So i thought i would be best to stick with the one i actually had a chance to keep ;)
So here it is the first layout of the year, "Five", i wrote down little miss things 5 favorite things at 5 (and a half to be exact) sort of a light start on my journaling journey!
So for you who is interested in what i wrote the journaling comes here:

You love to draw, and as soon as you get a blank paper in your hand you fill it with cool little figures and beautiful princesses

2 Barbie
You love your Barbie dolls and Barbie movies, you have such great imagination and you play with them every day, best is when daddy plays along!

3 Pink and Turquoise
Your two favorite colors on everything!

Letters and Words
You love to figure out on how to spell words and you write them down in your pink writing book

Skirts and Dresses
You refuses to wear jeans and just want to have, as you say it your self "Girly clothes on you"

Played with some old and new Websters papers, the flowers from the magical wishes line are soooo gorgeous, and i finally had a chance to use my new Martha border punch, i think it will be used allot from now on!
 I LOVE dress forms and this is from the sweet season line so cute, i played with it a bit and added some flowers and pearl maker to make it even more girly.
A close up on my little sweetie together with some favorite Prima flowers and  that deer is just so cute!
That´s all for now! Scrappy hugs