onsdag 20 april 2011

1 day to go.. Maybe..

1 day left.. Maybe more who knows I'm so ready, that's all I'm going to say cause that's how it is... I'm am ready SO ready.
Survived the 32 year birthday yesterday ;) The hubby and little miss thing woke me up with breakfast on bed, and a beautiful bouquet of pink roses, i love pink roses( they almost look like you could eat them in its pink chubby glory)
here is a little pic (that i have played with in picnic) of one of the roses, they are so pretty!

 Little miss thing gave me a story that she had written her self with drawings, it was a adorable story about her and me out in the woods, those are the best gifts the ones that just melts your heart. It was so cute.
The hubby bought me this dress that i have had my eyes on for a while, i adore it. It is from Kapahls vintage story collection that is inspired from the turn of the 19:th century. (Picture borrowed from kapahl.se), you can see the whole collection here

The rest of the day we spent together in the sun just taking it easy and then we went out for dinner and ice cream, i had a great day and now i just have to get uses to the fact that I'm 32...

Easter is coming so i made this little Easter gift for little miss thing to give her grandma

I bought these cute pink flower pots at Ikea and realized that they would be great to alter with some prima flowers, and bling.
I added some natural fibers for the birds nest, i sprayed it with Key Lime glimmer mist and then just added a bird and some candy eggs.
It was so easy and fast to make, think i will do two more!
Hope you all have a happy easter!
Hugs Malin
 Hold your thoumbs that i will have a little sweet pea in my armbs tomorrow!!

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  1. Å jag hoppas så att du inte behöver vänta länge till nu! *kram* Grattis i efterskott också...! Och underbart rosfoto och supersöt påskkruka!

  2. Happy Birthday, Malin!!! Love the sweet gift you created and the gorgeous layout below. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best as you await your sweet pea!

  3. oj så gammal du blitt min vän ;) Stort grattis!!! Nu vill vi inte vänta längre - kom lilla bebisen <3
    Kram till er alla

  4. Go Girl!!! all the best for you :D

  5. Well, will think about you next couple of days :)
    Have a easy one!

  6. Grattis i efterskott! åååå hoppas bebis vill komma snart, så ni slipper vänta längre <3

  7. Happy Birthday (even though I'm a little late)! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Love the sweet Easter gift you made.

  8. you're 32 and GORGEOUS!! Happy Belated birthday my beautiful friend!! *hugs*

  9. Sweetie, i keep checking your blog, hoping for the first sign that your little bean has arrived..... so exciting, my love is travelling all the way from Australia to you. Steph xo

  10. Gorgeous Easter baskets! Love them. I hope you get to meet your Sweet Pea very very soon!! Hugs to you and I am glad you got a little bit spoiled for your birthday.

  11. happy belated birthday, sweetie!!
    i soo hope that you were four now!!
    happy easter!!

  12. Happy Birthday, sweet lady!! It sounds like it was a very nice one. Sending you good thoughts and wishes for a smooth delivery!!