lördag 30 oktober 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone that celebrates Halloween, wish we did it more here in Sweden i love to dress up in costumes and spooky stuff is FUN!
At little Miss Thing´s pree school the kids could come in customs yesterday if the wanted to, and of course she wanted to! My otherwise pink girly
girl wanted to be a witch, we had so much fun getting her ready, we sprayed her hair in red, painted her nails and lips black she looked quite scary at the end!

I actually did scrap some more yesterday, a few pics from last summer when we are blowing bubbles in the park. I used so many fun techniques on this one, misting,distressing hand cutting, puff up paint on the letters.. Ahh the joys of creating again!
So here is the final result

Leaving you with a pic of the scariest little witch off them all ;)

Lots of spooooky hugs!

torsdag 28 oktober 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

The rain is poring down here.. Normally i actually like fall, i love the rich colors, the trees with all their beautiful leaves, i love to curl up in the sofa with a big cup of tea, i love afternoon walks in the autumn sun with a light chill in the air..
But right now its windy, grey, cold and the rain is just poring down non stop..
What bugs me the most is that there is no light,t its so grey and that is depressing..
Luckily this gives me a opportunity to be inside scrapping, every cloud has its silver lining i guess ;)
But its hard to get a good pic when there is no light, so I'm leaving you with a layout that i created yesterday, and i apologise for the bad pic..
When i started creating it i knew which title i wanted to use, i knew which pic to use, i knew that i wanted to cut some of the beautiful flower patterns from my prima papers..
Then it came to the journaling..and i felt that it was a bit personal..
But then when i started to thinking about what to write it hit me that i had achieved the feeling i wanted in the layout without actually writing my thoughts down! Kind of felt good.
But i do need to get better on having more journaling on my pages!!
Just took a peek at the layouts i created yesterday and realised that i don't have much journaling there either *lol*
Promise i will work on that.
So here it is " A new Chapter"
Life takes turns sometimes and it takes sometime to figure out how to get back on track and now i think i am :) in more then one way..
I think that makes me deserve a BIG cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows right now ;)

tisdag 26 oktober 2010


Today i have scrapped, and scrapped some more and the some, complete happiness or as i now call it scrappiness i love being in a creative state of mind again it makes me happy and i think my brain might go on creative overload soon. I have finished 4 pages for the mini album, created 2 layouts working on a third and started with a banner for little miss things room.
That is what i call multi tasking ;) the hubby call´s it insanity... And he gently reminded me that the living room floor is a space that all of the family is supposed to be able to use.
In my mind i was going "Whats wrong with climbing on the furniture????!!!" but i don't think that was the answer he was looking for..
I will try to take pics of it soon, but living in grey cold rainy fall land called Sweden is not making it easy.
But i thought i would share two pieces i made for a article in a Russian mag that featured a few from the prima dt, we all contributed with a layout and a card and a tutorial. Mine was about coloring your own flowers i used flowers from Primas innocence line, a stamp pad and some glittery gorgeous embossing powder, (you can see the flowers on the layout) if you haven't tried the innocence line do so its so much fun to get your hands dirty!
Well now i guess its time to clean up my scrappymess here.. So till next time lots of love and scrappiness♥♥♥

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

The Prima Idea book

For little more then a yer and half ago the prima team was asked to contribute with their best and innovative ideas on how to use Primas products the ideas where going to be used for the first Prima idea book.
It was such a fun process creating for this book and trying to come up with fun new ideas working with products that i love!, and finally the book has hit the stores!!!!
I have not been able to look through it yet but its on its way to my mail box (Yeihhhh) but i have seen a few of the projects the other designers is contributing with and i tell you so many of them has made me gone "ohh" and "ahh" and "why did i not think about that??!!" And so many of my personal favorite scrappers is in there, Ingvild, Janine, Iris, Jamie andChristiane just to name a few and i know there are so much stuff i want to try in there =) And I'm so proud to be one of the designers among these talented girls, and i think it will feel pretty amazing and kind of weird to see your on work in print like that..
If you like prima products, and hey who don't!, you don't want to miss this book and it is the perfect Christmas gift to a fellow scrapper ;)
Christmas is not to far away.... must begin to plan this years Christmas cards =) Christmas is my favorite time of year♥ i have so many crafting ideas in my head for Christmas decorations just have to finish the mini album first *lol*
Love to you all

söndag 17 oktober 2010

Something scrappy

Uhmm I'm actually working on a canvas album at the moment but it´s not done yet, i need to find somewhere to buy refill pages (its the prima canvas album from Donna downey) does anyone know where i could get these????
And i thought hey why not start with a mini album that seems like a good thing to start with when you haven't scrapped for half a year ;) I have always admired Cari and her ability to make the most gorgeous mini albums in a snap.. Well all i can say is that now i admire her even more!!!
But I'm having so much fun with it even if it´s taken me longer then what i planed. My fingers are stained with all kind of colors and again i find glue dots all over my floor and on my socks (somehow i always end up on the floor when i scrap...) and I'm happy!!!
When i was looking through my scrap portfolio i found a page i did for prima but it never made it to the blog so i thought that i could show it here now instead.
And i know the layout may seem a bit divalicious ;) self titled and all..
But the journaling is actually more a shout out to my self to believe in myself and to stop second guessing that what i do is good enough..
Something i do need a reminder about time to time.. Right now it is a reminder to start scrapping for real again!!!
Back to the mini album it is!

(And the photo is taken by the amazing Jenny Sandberg, she always makes me feel beautiful in front of the camera im actually quite camera shy otherwise...♥)

onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Do you remember...

Do you remember when you where a little kid and the joy a blank paper could bring, the thoughts of filling that paper with lots of color and thinking about what to draw was a magical feeling, and do you remember when you got (or the times you didn't but borrowed it anyway) to take a look in your mothers make up purse, ohhh the glitter the eye shadows,the pencils the rouge the lipsticks!!!... And how gorgeous you looked after putting everything on your face. Or at least you thought so your self ;)
This sort of magical moments you don't get to experience as much as a grown up, but i love to See that magic in my five year old girls eyes when she gets to play with my make up or when she´s sitting there filling the paper with water colors.. Ahh the joy!
I do feel glimpses of that magic through scrap booking sometimes, especially when I'm shopping new glimmer mist colors i feal like a little kid again, and i do feal the joy of filling a paper with happy scrappy stuff =)
And i do LOVE to shop eye shadows, before i found scrap booking i spent a lot more money on make up and instead of filling papers with colors i tried different make up techniques.
I don't play around with make up as much as i used to, but then i found this girls blog who creates the most amazing looks with eye shadows, I'm stunned by her color matches and the only way i would get my eye to look that colorful is to spray them with glimmer mist, but somehow i don't think that that's the right way to go ;) She has great tutorials all in Swedish but with great pics!! Right now she has a blog candy where you could win a bag from Make up store ( LOVE their stuff!!!) which i of course i would love to do =)

But now i am curios what gives you that magical feeling, please feel free to share!
Now im going watch Greys anatomy =)

söndag 10 oktober 2010

This blog is in desperate need of CPR

Think i might give it a try to bring this blog to life again..
I know its been quiet around here for a looooooooooong time Thank you all of you who has asked me if I'm ok and what has happened with me.. Reading every comment has brought tears to my eyes and i love how caring the scrapbook community is.

Well sometimes life gives you a bit more then what you can handle.. and you need time to heal and try to get a new perspective on things and first after that you can move forward.

So promise that it wont take another 6 months before next post.
so til next time Love to you all. And mayby just mayby i might have something scrappy happy to share with you then.. Scrapping is sort of scary when you havent given it a try for 6 months i tell you!!