söndag 6 mars 2011


I think i can sense spring.. 
It´s just bits of small changes everyday, like that the sun seems to be up a minute longer each day, there is a bit of warmth in the wind, little birds singing outside my window..  I long for light and to see colors outside again for the last couple of week it has been so gray and dull, but now that seems to change to my satisfaction!
And a new month has begun, March which brings me closer to my due date, just a month and a half to go now. I'm so curious to see who you are, if you will be like your sister who was such a calm baby she was awake most of the day and slept almost the whole night through almost from the start, is it possible to get that lucky again ;)
So curious to see what you look like, if you are a boy or a girl.. what color your eyes will be, will you be a image of your dad just like your big sister was or will there be more resemblance to me this time.. Soon little sweet pea i will know, cant wait!

Little miss thing has been her bright happy self, giving her mother so many new pics to scrap, she has started dancing in a ballet class  and i cant wait to get these pics scrapped, I'm just waiting to get my hands on some new Prima and Crate so much new scrappy happy stuff that i want!!
Here she is my little ballerina

And i do have a scrappy project to share as well, also of little miss thing given me one of her famous poses ;)
I found a quote that said " Girls have a magic all of their own" and i just thought of this pic immediately when i saw it so i used as a title for this page.

well that´s it for now, need to get out and enjoy the sun will i can!
Hugs Malin

10 kommentarer:

  1. oh this is really amazing layouts!!! real beauty!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures of your LIttle MIss Malin.

    And you know i LOVE that layout...... so beautiful....... I love everything you do, and love visiting to see what you have been up too .....

    Steph xo

    PS i think you might have a little blue bundle !!!! care to bet ??

  3. Gorgeous! I'm ready for spring too :)

  4. How Sweet Mahlin! your little girl has grown So much and becoming just like her mama so beautiful =) ! have a restful week ! xo

  5. Så jättefin Julia är; en riktig skönhet! Hoppas du och magen har det gott! Glöm inte av att ta hand om dig! Kram

  6. She is such a beautiful little girl and makes a great ballerina! I'm sure your next blessing will be just as beautiful! Congrats!! And I love your layout - absolutely gorgeous work!

  7. she's such a little beauty. and the layout is perfect!!

  8. Gorgeous pics!! Beautiful LO! Sooo exciting, not long now before you meet your bubby!!

  9. Oj, vad jag har missat!
    Missat att du scrappar, bloggar är gravid -Grattis!- och så stor hon är, J!
    Vad kul att jag hittade dig igen, har saknat.
    *lägger till mig som följare*
    Ha det bäst!
    Kram Cia

  10. Beautiful layout and photos!