tisdag 7 december 2010

Winter is here

Not much time for blogging or scrapping when the snow starts falling ;)

I LOVE this time of year especially when the snow comes, we are out playing going on sleigh rides
drinking hot cocoa and getting are noses red!
And i as a true mamarazi ;) of course takes tons of pics!
How is the weather in your part of the world?
Hope you are enjoying your self's as much as we do

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  1. We already had snow too and that's a bit early for Holland. But winter is definitely here. And in sweden...enjoy!
    Your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Underbara foton!! JO, snö här också, men faktiskt inte så mycket som resten av Norrlanskusten. De har i alla fall dragit upp längskispåret, så nästan hela familjen har varit och provåkt. Tyvärr glömde den här mammarazzin sin kamera hemma...

  3. hi malin!

    Thanks for your comment on our mom blog. We have fixed the problem with the 'don we now' background. thanks for the heads up!

    You can now go and grab the code and it will work just fine.


    Ashley - TCBOTB

  4. these photos are gorgeous. I wish we have snow here in the Philippines. You should scrap these photos!

  5. Beautiful photos, Malin! What is the digital frame on the one? It looks awesome. Love your cards in the post below. As for weather, it's FREEZING here. No snow yet. I'm not ready for winter. I'm much more of a summer girl!

  6. Beautiful photos, Malin! I envy you having snow now! I love snow! Here in my part of the States it has been very cold but no snow yet. I am so hoping for a white Christmas!

  7. I'm in sunny South Florida so it's, well, sunny. Our temps were down to, you ready for this? In the high 30s earlier this week! Full blown winter for our parts. Wish the boys could see snow. They'd love it!

    Speaking of love, LOVE the shots of your girls! Especialy the B&W ones. Of course it helps having such adorable subjects. :•)

  8. I WISH we had snow here! Lucky you!

  9. beautiful beautiful photos!! *sigh*

  10. Stunning Pics Malin, just love them.