måndag 20 juni 2011

Time flies

When you have a little baby in the house time do flies..
Cant believe that he is 8 weeks already. Just look at this cute face
We are spending every moment together and i am amazed over how much new stuff he is teaching me.. Like how you can fit in endless love for two kids in your heart that you already thought was filled to the brim, or how fun it is to pee every time mommy takes my diaper of ( i swear he has some kind of radar as soon as i lift the tape of one side he thinks *Yeihhh pee time*) or how it is possible to fill the laundry basket in only two days, or how easy it is to charm my moms socks of at 6 in the morning when she rely would love to be sleeping in, it just takes a big huge smile and mommy's heart melts, or how amazing it is to watch brother and sister together they already love each other so much.. Even though little miss thing after five days at home with mr handsome suggested that we should sell him at the super market *lol*
here they are together, makes my heart smile

and i actually did have some time to scrap, not to easy with a baby laying next to you but to save my sanity i had to create something ;) Something turned into three layouts.
The first one is about his cute little feets, there is something about baby feets so small and so cute you just want to kiss them!

I found a old piece of lace cardstock that i think i have had in my stash forever as a mask and sprayed with glimmer mist over it i love how it turned out =)
And i almost made it without using any pink.. It will take some adjustment to go from pink to blue i think ;)

I ordered a huge box of scrapiness and in that box there was some new websters pages, i love the ladies and gents line and the country estate and they where perfect for these pics of me and mr Handsome.
And the ever so sweet Janine edited my pics, and if you need to get out of a scrappers block or just need a new perspective on stuff ask someone else to edit your pics, it was so much fun to scrap with these pics.

for the third layout i also used allot of websters but blogger wont let me upload it at the moment apparently *grrrrr* so i will be back wit it some other day!
And just like that, 5 minutes for my self just flew by.. little Mr handsome wants some attention!
Thank you all so much for all the sweet congratulations on my post below, i was so touched by everyone of them
Hugs to you all

13 kommentarer:

  1. so sweet photos, lovely layouts, wishing you ....lots of sleep!

  2. oh so beautiful.. the photos and the layouts and your blog post about what a baby does... they say a mothers love doesn't divide.. but it multiplys.. i love this quote.. enjoy your lovely son.. they grow too fast!!

  3. It never ceased to amaze me how you could find more love in your heart for another child!! He is such a cute little boy, I just want a cuddle! Love your LO's!! so so beautiful and I am glad that the editing helped with a bit on inspiration.

  4. Hi, Malin
    These pages are stunning! You know I love your work and now... LOL

  5. malin, so great to read about you all!! i'm glad that everything is fine and your baby boy is such a cute one. sometimesi wish my boys were younger again!!
    and hey girl, i soooo miss your layouts and can't stop looking at them.
    big hugs from the danish border, my friend!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! And I LOVE your gorgeous layouts!!! Fantastic work! :)

  7. adorable picture of your son! Love the layout~beautifully done!!!

  8. These pages are absolutely beautiful! And those pictures are too cute!

  9. Sweet! That is a very cute little face! I remember when we were expecting our third and I wasn't sure how to fit 3 little ones into my life. Then it just magically happens.

  10. Hej Malin,
    När du hinner vore det bra om du kikade in på SS där jag har svarat på ditt meddelande. ;)
    Grattis till din lille sötnos!

  11. Oh, these photos and layouts are so precious!

  12. Vad han är fin! Härligt att du scrappat lite! Det är så skönt att få pyssla lite mitt i allt mys. :)