söndag 10 oktober 2010

This blog is in desperate need of CPR

Think i might give it a try to bring this blog to life again..
I know its been quiet around here for a looooooooooong time Thank you all of you who has asked me if I'm ok and what has happened with me.. Reading every comment has brought tears to my eyes and i love how caring the scrapbook community is.

Well sometimes life gives you a bit more then what you can handle.. and you need time to heal and try to get a new perspective on things and first after that you can move forward.

So promise that it wont take another 6 months before next post.
so til next time Love to you all. And mayby just mayby i might have something scrappy happy to share with you then.. Scrapping is sort of scary when you havent given it a try for 6 months i tell you!!

9 kommentarer:

  1. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel... Glad to see you've not abandoned this great hobby. Hope all is getting better.
    Big hugs,

  2. Glad to see you're still hanging on there - been wondering and worried where you were! Looking forward to see you start again, and hope everything's fine now :)

  3. welcome back Malin! Hope all is well with you!take care...


  4. tack för tipset :) fr nog testa den där inpackningen, avr en till som rekomenderade den faktist! :)
    jaa, lätt att se ut sm en panda.. men ge inte upp! och gör klart en hel makeup med mascara och alltihopa innan! ge inte upp mitt i en sminkning, är svårt att se hur de blir med allt som en helthet! men jag ska definiotvift göra en sotningstuturial :)

  5. I'm happy to see you're back, Malin. I've missed your beautiful creations, and I've been wondering about you. I hope things are better for you now!

  6. Hi Malin,

    I'm so so happy that you are back. The network seemed so empty without your works...
    And I was so worried about you, like many many others.

    Hope you are back for good :)

  7. hugs, my friend!! :))))
    glad you're back again!!

  8. åååå söta Malin vad glad jag är att se ett inlägg från dig! Saknar dig så mycket att du inte anar <3 Ring mig, mejla mig. Love you sweetie <3

  9. Kul att se att du är tillbaka! Saknar dina kreationer som så många andra. Många kramar!