tisdag 2 mars 2010


Well for the last nights the little Miss thing has had different kind of ghosts in her room at night.. So she has crawled up in our bed and wants to sleep as close to her mommy as possible (because the ghosts do appear in our room to apparently, and the only safe place is mams arm..and never dads strangely enough at night)
And the hubby dislocated his shoulder for a couple of weeks ago when he was snowboarding..
And well lets say its like having one little Girl and a very BIG little boy (and if your reading this you know i love you, but you are driving me crazy sometimes ;)
So for a few days here i have ended my evenings with migraine..
Don't leave much time for scrapping i have some stuff that i have planed in my head.. Do you also do that, plan future layouts in your head.. Some daydream about summertime.. i scrap daydream ;) I wish i will be able to get those ideas down on paper soon!
In the meantime I'm finishing this post with some more new Prima, this time Strawberry Kisses paper, Camilla flowers, Dianthe Flowers, and Lilliput roses..
LOVE those flowers!
Have a great week

11 kommentarer:

  1. I'm Sorry for your migraine. Hope the ghost live the house soon!
    I love this page so much especially the sweet picture!!!!

  2. I'm so sorry! Migraines are the worst! I hope they and the monsters pass for you soon! And I'll join you on the scrap daydream! I get excited when a page pops into my head! Can't wait to see your new creations you've been dreaming about! Love the layout with all the prima pretties! gorgeous!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous layout!!! So sorry to hear about your sleeping companions. Hope your migraines go away soon.

  4. Gorgeous page! I hope the migraines cease soon!

  5. Jaaa! Så glad när jag upptäckte att du skaffat en blogg för jag älskar det du gör!!! *glad*

    Hoppas migränen går över snart :/

  6. migraines suck. *hugs* i hope ghosts will leave you all really soon and you can have a good night's sleep :)

    ps : you're beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous page! I absolutely scrap daydream, it's a part of the love for the hobby I think. Those who have great passion for it think about it I guess. :)

  8. i am sorry about your migraines, they are so hard. i did have to laugh at your "big little boy" comment. that was cute.

    your layout is so gorgeous......soooo gorgeous!

  9. Underbara blommor och underbar layout! Håller tummarna att du får må bättre snart...!

    Vad himla snygg din blogg är!

  10. Å vilken underbar blogg du har fylld med de vackraste alster.
    Tack för kommentaren hos mig, den gladde.
    Ska försöka att göra det.
    Tack så mycket! :)