måndag 15 februari 2010

The first real post

Thought long and hard about what i should write as my first post.. I mean this is important stuff, what should it be something scrapped, something bla bla bla, or some chocolate recepie..Or about my latest scrappy happy finds.. Important indeed *lol*
I couldnt resist to show you the pics of the sweet little miss thing here in her new outfit made by the amazingly talented (aka Wonderwoman) and very sweet Janine.
Janine sent this as a gift for the little Girly girl here and i tell you she L.O.V.E.D♥♥♥ it!
Janine now goes under the name " The aussie Fairy goodmother" as well.

I think she should have a etsy shop so she could sell these cute outfits!! She has some more pics on other skirts she made for her little girl on her blog to.they are gorgeous
And as a matter of fact a little birdie told me that it is her Birthday today =)
Big huge congrats to you sweetie!!! Run over to her blog and give her some Birthday wishes to!
And there it is the first post all done ;)

10 kommentarer:

  1. so good to see you blogging again!!

  2. and especially to your little girlie: she looks so so gorgeous!!

  3. Malin, she is so beautiful! Her outfit is gorgeous. and I am totally in love with your wallpaper! lol

  4. So so happy you have a blog now! :)
    Can't wait to see all the goodies you will be sharing here. Fun Fun Fun

    Your little girl is sucha a beauty. And her new outfit is very cute. I love girlie stuff.

  5. Yay, yay, yay!!! You are finally blogging again and I am sooooo happy about that! Your little girl looks oh so sweet in her outfit and it makes my heart sing that she likes it so much. This will be a place I will visit regularly!!
    Hugs!!!! In fact BIG Hugs to you!!

  6. What a beautiful little cherub she is Malin.Love the skirt Janine made for her.And yes she is very talented too.Take care Kerry xx

  7. Miss Malin, finally somewhere for me to sigh over beautiful feminine pages. You have such a gift for making us gals swoon, can't wait to see what you create sweetie. I too had a top and skirt made for me by the fantastic wonderwoman Mrs K. and I just love mine too. Well I will visit often and say a warm hello.
    Steph x
    PS I adore that wall paper and chair.
    Tell me you are going to scrap that photo.
    Im thinking, pink, black and grey.
    Oh my heart is swooning already xo

  8. She's such a beautiful little girl! And I love that skirt . . . so pretty and girly!

  9. Finaste finaste åååååååååååååå vad roligt att du bloggar igen! Längtar efter er <3

  10. Your little Miss is so pretty & she definitely looks adorable in that beautiful outfit! Golly I am totally in love with your wall papered wall.